Deep Creek Hike


Well done to all the girls from Gleeson College, you should all be proud of how far we walked. I hope you come away from this with a real sense of achievement and satisfaction and look back on it with fond memories as deep creek is a very special place. 

Mercedes Adelaide Hills Bike Camp

Oh My what perfect weather we just had. it was absolutely fantastic riding through the Adelaide Hills on these beautiful autumn days. we were all enjoying it, myself included. It really made all the hard work worth while riding past all the Autumn Leaves and then having some fun out at Fox creek and finishing with a bakery stop over. such a perfect week. thanks to all the students of Mercedes for showing such maturity and great attitude towards everyone.


Goolwa bike path

Took another group of year 7’s out on the bike path , they were loving it, Seymore girls should be proud of themselves as the feedback from the locals was what a lovely polite bunch of ladies. Well done girls both in your riding and in your attitude. 

Black Friars

Cycling and Surfing

Last week we took a large number of yr nines riding on the Goolwa Bike Path. I felt it was a really successful program as I was amazed how  many yr 9 couldn’t ride! well done to Black Friars school for giving the students the opportunity to learn how to ride. Also well done to all the year nine students who faced their fears and took a risk and learnt a life skill of riding a bicycle. 

I think the kids had a great day out half a day of surfing ( Surf and Sun ), half a day of riding (Eco Adventure Group). 

Walk/Ride the York

We have just done a recky of a section of the Walk the your trail. I found it made your heart beat a little slower as it was such a beautiful part of the world and you felt really remote away from all forms of life. we received a few funny looks as we rode along the beach but wow it was fantastic. 

A few hard sections with soft sand, but if you just imagined them to be hills they lasted for a lot less time than a hill would . 

thought it would be a great place for a yr 12 self reliant cycle tour adventure