Flinders by Bike / Wilpena Experience

A unique opportunity for an amazing, well supported and guided Flinders Ranges tour on foot and cycling.

Total number of seats, 30 available per trip.

School groups encouraged.


Day 1 (Drive):

  • Pick up from your school, 25 seater bus+ 1 vehicles +1 trailers. Approx. 6 hr drive to Willow Springs as a start point.
  • Minimum 2 Eco Adventure Group staff.
  • Go for a short ride with everyone just as a familiariser, depending on arrival time.
  • First night set up camp at Willow Springs Bush Camp & Welcome talk by an Indigenous Elder

Day 2 (Cycle):

  • Groups leave on bikes in northerly direction on Flinders by bike route.
  • Willow Springs – Gum Creek (ride 
    48km approx.)

Day 3 (Cycle):

  • Continue on bikes along flinders by bike route.
  • Gum Creek – Yanyanna Hut (ride 37km approx.)

Day 4 (Cycle):

  • Continue on bikes along Flinders by bike route (shorter day)
  • Yanyanna Hut – Wilpena Pound (ride 25km approx.)
  • On arrival maintenance session.
  • Then some time to find a space to make a journal about their trip so far.
  • Camp fire & cook a BBQ
  • Indigenous Elder talk from the area.

Day 5 (Walk):

  • Pack ruck sacks and leave bike gear behind then begin hiking up the outside of the pound up to St Marys peak and look out upon the area of country we have already been through on the bikes.
  • Then hike down into the centre of the pound and camp at a bush camp( no facilities) must carry water for two days.
  • Wilpena Pound- St Marys Peak- Cooinda Camp ,  (hike 11km approx.)

Day 6: (Walk)

  • Continue hiking across pound finishing walking at Rawnsley park station.
  • Cooinda Camp- Rawnsley Park Station, Walk (hike 21km approx.)

Day 7: (Cycle)

  • On the bikes again and ride back to start point via Flinders by Bike and Mawson trail, stopping at Acaroo Rock on the way
  • Rawnsley Park Station – Willow Springs (ride 56km approx.)

Day 8: (Walk and Cycle)

  • Drive to Alligator Gorge & walk the gorge
  • Get back on Bikes & Ride the Mawson trail in to Melrose.
  • Showers available & camping at the Melrose Show grounds (Bush Camp)

Day 9:

  • Drive back to Adelaide (4 hrs)
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