Large Group Beach Day

This is a great day for the students, we can run it over one or two days depending on how long a session for each activity you would like. group sizes are to be no more than 16 students per group and  we can have 3 , 4 or 5 groups running all at once. 

Locations Available : Wallaroo- Office Beach , Pt Elliott- Horse Shoe Bay.


This is a great team work activity. it is not building rafts, but actually going rafting in a rubber dingy. this are very safe and stable in the water.  they give the students the chance to journey quite a way off shore and learn how to work as a team at the same time. 


Students get the chance to work together and understand the importance of the buddy system. learn to duck dive and how to clear a mask under water. 

Beach Games

We can supply beach volley ball or beach soccer, and run beach Olyimpics if they are long sessions you require. 


Great beginner journey option in both of these locations. With the Goolwa bike path and Wallaroo has  a similar style path.  Distance covered would depend on age of group, but plenty of distance available in a very safe location.