These activities are highly recommended to include in your lesson planning when doing the multi day camp down at Mount Gambier. It gives great progression and prepares the students mentally and physically for the adventure they are about to embark upon.

Day Snorkel Pool Practice Session

  • Put full wet suit on
  • Roll in off side of pool
  • Practice mask clear and water position
  • Discuss camp

Port Noarlunga Reef Practice Session

  • Get your equipment and safety brief
  • Then practice getting in the water from a jetty
  • Learn how to clear mask without taking face out of water
  • Duck dive practice.
  • Snorkel along the reef at port Noarlunga and along the jetty
  • Two snorkels with a break for lunch
  • We provide 7mm wetsuits snorkels and masks and fins
  • 4 hours of entertainment.
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