3 Day Geological Camp (Mt. Gambier)

Day 1 - Adventure caving (Stick-Tomato Naracoorte)

Enjoy the excitement of a wild cave experience by donning overalls and a hard hat to explore, squeeze and crawl. Adventure caving tours are designed for beginners who have a sense of fun and adventure.

Stick-Tomato Cave is most suitable, as the tunnels are larger and the squeezes optional. Blackberry Cave involves smaller passages and rocky squeezes, as well as several optional exercises. Overalls, helmets and kneepads are supplied, and safe caving techniques and cave protection issues are discussed prior to the start of each tour. Tours are conducted by experienced staff.

Camping at Mt Gambier

Located on the slopes of a dormant volcano, Mount Gambier services a regional population of 60,000 and is one of the fastest growing cities in South Australia. Mount Gambier enjoys a temperate Mediterranean climate; summers are mostly warm to hot, while winters are crisp and wet. With an average summer temperature of 26C and an average winter temperature of 14C, four distinct seasons break up the year with long, hot summer days, colourful autumns and cool winters to enjoy by the fire.

Day 2 - Mount Schank (Cycle from Mt Gambier to Mt Schank then to Ewens)

Mount Schank is a dormant volcanic crater located in the south-eastern region of South Australia, close to Mount Gambier. The place was named after Admiral John Schank, who was actually a designer of James Grant’s ship. This volcano was active during the Holocene epoch, approximately 5,000 years ago. The volcano has a basic ash cone of approximately 100 metres, with the crater base extended to the water table; hence, Mount Schank doesn’t have any crater lakes like Mount Gambier.

Afternoon – Snorkeling Ewens Ponds (Bus back to accommodation)                                                                             

Ewen Ponds Conservation Park consists of three large freshwater springs, each around 10 metres deep, interconnected by a series of shallow channels. Unlike Piccaninie Ponds Conservation Park, which is famous for its underwater caves, the star attraction here is the incredible visibility up to 80 metres. In the remarkably clear waters, you can spot aquatic life such as rare Ewens Pygmy Perch, galaxias and native fish hovering near the surface. While in the ponds, look for the telltale bubbling of the water, revealing the source of its underground freshwater spring. With the water temperature a chilly 10-15C, a thick wetsuit is recommended. We supply 7mm hooded dive suits.

Day 3 – Kilsby Sink hole (snorkelling) morning session

Kilsby's is a sinkhole situated on a farmer’s property approximately 10 minutes southwest from Mt Gambier. This spectacular sinkhole starts with the surface around 20 metres in diameter and a 10m drop from the surface to the water. The site contains extremely clear water allowing for virtually unlimited visibility, with the site being in excess of 60 metres deep. While snorkelling, you will feel like you are flying. Sculptured and scalloped limestone walls, and a majestic and breathtaking view in the water makes this one of the best freshwater sites you could ever see. A cut ramp with stairs, and two ladders lead down to a large pontoon at the water. The pontoon is fitted with chairs.

We supply:
  • 7mm hooded dive suites
  • Bikes
  • Accommodation
  • Experienced & Qualified guides
  • Snorkelling equipment
  • Adventure caving safety equip
  • All Bus transfers
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